Chinese Herbal Medicine

Before pharmaceuticals and even the use of Acupuncture needles, herbal medicines were used to heal and balance the human body. Chinese herbs have shown their effectiveness under the scrutiny of both empirical study and modern clinical trials. These herbs can be used to augment the treatment of a particular imbalance, working together or sometimes in place of Acupuncture and other medicines. Unlike most drugs, the herbs are put into complex holistic medicine formulas that are specific to an individual’s condition, not just any one symptom. Additionally, the formulas are so well balanced that they hardly ever cause side effects.

Do I have to cook it and will it taste bad?

In the past, patients had to purchase a large bag of raw herbs, cook them for a half hour every day, and drink bitter teas. Though that option is still available to you, convenient patent alternative medicines have become readily available and are much less of a hassle. These take high quality ingredients and put them into either alcohol extracts and tinctures or small, round pills that are easy to take and taste much better – no brewing or simmering needed.

Herbal medicines are usually taken a few times a day and can be used for as little as one month, to as long as one year. Herbal consultations can be included in an Acupuncture visit with the only extra charge being the cost of the herbs themselves. They can also be done separately, and unlike Acupuncture, follow-ups are only needed every other week. Herbal medicines are usually immediately available following a consultation, though some may take a few days to prepare due to the individual nature of every formula.

Are herbal medicines expensive?

Unlike prescription drugs, holistic medicines are extremely cost effective. Herbal medicine that lasts about 30 days can range between $20 – $30. This is similar to the average co-pay of a prescription drug plan, with the added benefit that you won’t be on them for the rest of your life.

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